I’m going to live and the dark cloud is gone.

They got it all.

I’ll see the oncologist again in November. No CT or PET scans. There is only a…

The M1 processor on the new Mini should make it your first choice if you are tight on bux. Get whatever keyboard, mouse, and display you can afford. Or, if it makes sense, wait until the refresh of the Macbook Pro if you code in coffee shops. I have the M1 Mini and a 2019 Macbook Pro. The Mini has 16gb memory and 512gb of SSD.

If you’re lucky, you’ll never see it coming. Maybe I still won’t.

I’ve been watching it slink around for eleven months now. Sharp knives and chemicals that put me to sleep so I don’t feel them. Waking up with tubes and people I don’t know calling my name. …

Back in the old, old days, we programmed on green screens and used a PC that was shared by a group of programmers because they were unique and expensive.

When sharing PCs, left handed people were forced to use mice in a right- handed fashion. Eventually, you could change the…

I’m watching a replay of the Arsenal/Leeds game on ESPN+. I was busy sorting out my life yesterday and couldn’t see it live. It’s just beyond the halfway point and I don’t know how it turns out.

That’s quite like having cancer. You get it, along with doctors on doctors…

There are those afternoons where I just want to tell someone how delicious the soup was.

But there is this nagging fear that they might ask, “What soup?”

It started with strep-throat which progressed to hearing everything like I was living in a rain barrel.

Some penicillin and it was all better. Almost. My left ear heard everything a half-note higher than the right ear. Or was the right ear hearing everything a half-note lower? No matter.


I don’t remember the first time it happened. An introduction followed by the inevitable question, “Where’s your band?”

I’m an old man now and a curmudgeon who avoids humanity, so the only time it happens is when I have some new malady that needs treating. Last month it was cataract…

Glenn A. Miller

A 44 year veteran of the code wars.

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